Katie Pictures

Newer ones will be added at some point

Katie as she arrived.
Wellcome to the family
 my tiny friend

Hiding under our
coffee table.
First time she's out of the transport box

Later in the evening.
It's safe enough to play.

Got ya. This mouse is wild.

It wasn't me.... 

Katieīs first Christmas

What is this?

I've got to check it out.

...And I'm going in.
Curiosity got her, she went right in.

And as I was straightening it out...up she went.

What??? Is this not allowed?

You are correct Katie... This is not allowed.
Stay on the ground.
Katieīs first Newyear

Katie with mom and Sebastian

Looks nice.
And those
strings.... Iīd love to get my paws on those.

What is This?

Whatīs with the hat dad?

Love momīs Witchs hat.
Itīs got small spiders on that iīd love to catch.

After midnight.
Family is watching tv, and Iīm napping on the dinnertable

Well.. Almost napping.
Someone just stuck a camera up my face.
Go away and let me sleep.
More of Katie escapades.

What a wiew from up here loool

Ding dong your nose mom.

Taking a nap.

This lookīs like fun.
Itīs called snow is it?

Time for dinner

Sitting under momīs desk.
Getting warm by the radiator.

I like this...

No need to wear down ny feet, when i can get carried around

Let me show you how to handel that mouse dad.